The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy
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Modelled on USA in the 1920’s and 1930’s – a period of dynamic change and the birth of jazz – The Speakeasy Yacht Club is a 21st century interpretation of the prohibition era offering an international cuisine and eclectic mix of drinks where bourbon on the rocks is offered alongside some of the best cocktails, old and new, on the island’s East Coast.

A welcomed addition to Royal Phuket Marina’s Boardwalk, the boats and marina backdrop, in stark contrast to the period décor, makes The Speakeasy Yacht Club unique; a place where you almost expect Eliot Ness and his ‘Untouchables’ to burst through the doors; where you can hangout with Al Capone while Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are playing some tunes.

Delicious food, tasty drinks and stunning views, The Speakeasy Yacht Club is available for private functions. Contact us for more details.


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Opening hours:
08.30am till late
T: 081 270 3226 (Cathy)

The Speakeasy Yacht Club

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