Restaurants & Bars | Royal Phuket Marina

BAKE at Royal Phuket Marina
Bake bakeries are exciting and stylish experiences while delivering affordable luxury. Bake at Royal Phuket Marina is ideal located directly on the boardwalk overlooking the marina, offering Breads and Patisserie and great coffee.
9′ Sea Breeze
Located on the boardwalk of Royal Phuket Marina with great views of the water, boats, Seabreeze serves a combination of English, Mexican and Thai cuisines resulting in some great fusion flavours
Pasta Basta
As for the environment, JOBI designers’ Pui has employed her creative talents creating an ‘industrial’ feel; a long communal dining table occupies the centre of the restaurant, surrounded by high level dining ‘à deux’ tables.
The Speakeasy
The Speakeasy is a prohibition era venue perfect for lounging around with friends on one of the luxurious sofas, soaking up the atmosphere with a perfect drink from the extensive menu. For a change of scenery,
Les Anges
Les Anges Patisserie has proven to be a huge success on the island with many of the 5-star hotels being supplied with our specialty cakes, homemade pastries and delicious chocolates.
Madame Saigon
A fresh and airy décor evoking the essence of colonial Vietnam, Madame Saigon is a refreshing change from the Phuket dining-out malaise. What makes Madame Saigon a welcome addition to Phuket dining, apart from the superb