Madame Saigon

Madame Saigon


Vietnam is known for it’s simple, yet delicious cuisine with fresh ingredients. It’s meant to be shared, similarly to Thai food, as diners gather around several dishes in a family-style environment.

With its fresh and airy décor, evoking the essence of colonial Vietnam, comfortable seating inside – or out on the boardwalk overlooking the fabulous yachts – not to mention a cuisine that had yet to make an impact on Phuket, Madame Saigon is a refreshing change from the Phuket dining-out malaise, ‘same-same-no-difference’.

Accepting menus from one of the ever-smiling waitresses, we stared glassy-eyed and uncomprehending before calling our host, Cathy Masson, over for guidance and a little background on what we were about to experience.

Explaining that Vietnamese food – low on oil and high on fresh herbs and vegetables – is considered one of the healthiest in the world, she guided us through a selection representative of the cuisine. We sampled Chao Tom (minced prawn and pork on lemongrass skewers), Nem Mua Ha (classic ‘summer rolls’ – crispy raw vegetables, aromatic herbs and cool noodles, all wrapped in a translucent soft rice wrapper), some Nem Rau (crispy spring rolls) to ward off my companion’s pending deep-fried withdrawal symptoms, Ga Chi Sa (stir-fried lemongrass chicken), Bo Luc Lac (stir-fried ‘shaking’ beef seasoned with black pepper) and Pho (delicious rice noodle soup made with either beef or seafood).

Madame Saigon is a perfect fit to the Phuket restaurant scene.

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